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My name is Diana and I'm a graphic designer. My husband, Tommy and I live in Washington, Georgia — a small town two hours east of Atlanta, between Athens and Augusta. It's one of the few places in the region spared by Sherman during the Civil War, and is known for its abundance of beautiful antebellum homes. We, on the other hand, reside and work in several structures that were once the Wilkes Mill and Feed Company. The old wooden mill is our workshop and one of the metal storage buildings serves as our residence and showroom. From the outside our home resembles a trailer on steroids, but inside you feel like you are in a New York loft apartment — until you look out the window and see the silos and grain elevator. The mill closed in 1995 and the property was sold in 2002 to a commercial photographer who renovated the storage building into a studio and ultra-modern living space. We call it our “anti-bellum” house.

We arrived here in January of 2006. Long-time residents of the Atlanta area, we had moved in May of 2005 to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (a small town on the Gulf coast) and were just finishing the renovation of an old bingo hall (we seem to be attracted to weird old buildings) when Hurricane Katrina came along and completely flattened both our business and our home. (Can we pick ‘em or what?) So we took our 2 cars, 2 cats, 2 computers and the three pairs of jeans apiece ( all we evacuated with) back to Atlanta and stayed in my best friend's basement until we figured out what to do next. We finally chose Washington as our new home because we couldn't deal with Atlanta traffic again, and because the old mill property had room for both a shop and a place to live — not to mention being located well inland which, at that time, seemed a particularly desirable amenity.

If some of our door designs look familiar, you may have seen them on the Website of our original company, Cedar Key Screen Doors. At that time we were working mainly in mahogany which was already becoming scarce and prohibitively expensive. Even though our equipment was destroyed in Katrina, we intended to eventually rebuild our business as woodworkers. But before we could regroup we were approached by Acurio Latticeworks (see link on our home page) who construct their unique, decorative lattice from a dense maintenance-free PVC material. We were reluctant at first to give up on wood until we made sample doors from the PVC and were tremendously impressed.

Now our doors, gates and brackets are easier to maintain and less likely to warp or crack than those made from any kind of wood. And the solid sheet of material lends itself to many more design options. We're very satisfied with the quality and beauty of our products and we think you will be, too.

Contact us at 706-401-6929 or e-mail us at with comments or questions. Or, if you're going to be in the area, schedule an appointment and we'll be happy to show you samples of our distinctive, durable screen doors and brackets.


Our leaping rabbit and carrots door on the Washington Farmers Market.

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